Heal From the Root Cause


Transform from the inside Out and Feel healthy again!


Alchemy de Nova (AdN) reaches beyond traditional medicine & provides modern, 21st century approaches to uncover the root causes of your health issues. 

Instead of treating your symptoms, AdN corrects imbalances causing your complaints.  This can include hormonal imbalances, immune triggers, toxic load, deficiencies, and digestive distress.

Symptoms are not the cause of dysfunction and should not be isolated with treatment.  Investigating the body as a whole to identify and remove the factors causing complaints, empowers the body to innately heal allowing symptom resolution.  AdN aplies a holistic healing approach which focuses on proper investigation while applying food as medicine, proper recovery, healthy activity, stress reduction, and nutraceutical support to heal within.


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For many complaints, treatments address symptoms but do not address the cause.  Harnessing knowledge offers the potential of correcting the underlying dysfunction.

Are you wanting an effective, whole person healing plan?

What is your #1 health challenge, #1 symptom, and how long have you suffered?

The art of healing comes from nature, not for the physician. Therefore the physician must start from nature with an open mind
— Paracelsus (16th Century Alchemist


The doctor of the future will give no medication, but will interest his patients in the care of human frame, diet, and in the cause and prevention of disease.
— Thomas Edison
Functional Medicine is about causes, not symptoms. It is about getting to the root of the problem.
— Mark Hyman, M.D. (Director of Integrative & Lifestyle Medicine: Cleveland Clinic)
Functional Medicine is relatively a new approach to health that looks at the underlying causes of disease and attempts to correct them before disease sets in. It focuses on determining the root causes by looking at the entire body and environment.
— Daniel Kalish, M.D. (Researcher, author, and pioneer in Functional Medicine)
While advances in modern science have nearly doubled our lifespans in only four generations, our quality of life has not reached its full potential”
— Dr. Jeffery Bland (Institute for Functional Medicine)


hi, i'm Sean...

...and I have a passion that is 25 years in the making.  There is a better way to achieve optimal health. The current medical establishment defines itself as "Allopathic Care". In translation, this means "symptom care".

Optimal Health should be more than just symptom relief. Functional Medicine investigates the whole body, uncovering clues, and discovers root causes of dysfunction. Then instills processes for intuitively healing, restoring proper function, and resolving symptoms.

Functional Medicine

Functional Medicine identifies with the whole body and not a collection of organs and systems to be divided up by medical specialty.

Today's physicians are not adequately trained to assess the underlying causes of disease. Instead they are trained on symptom relief from a prescription & procedure based medical model. Nor do they apply strategies for the body to intrinsically recover, priming our immune system to shift the dysfunction to balanced function.

Functional Medicine is not a diagnose and prescribe approach. It picks up where traditional medicine leaves off.  With modern investigations, hidden contributors are identified allowing for corrective opportunities. Protocols are applied that remove insults from the body and allow for a nurturing environment for proper healing. AdN's focus is comprehensive investigations which provide  holistic methodology that encourages the body to inherently heal within.