"Bad Bacteria" - Are We Blaming the Wrong Enemy?

Louis Pasteur was a French Biologist in the 19th Century. He was renowned for his investigations into disease prevention and discoveries in treatments. Though some were to believed to be controversial, his belief about prevention is simple. "Our bodies have a sufficient immune system to fight off infection so long as the body is functioning in its natural state. Only is the optimal functional state compromised when chronic illness or infection sets in." Pasteur cited three reasons for a compromised immune function:

  • Lack of proper nutritional status

  • Excessive exposure and accumulation of heavy metals and pollutants

  • Genetic changes or abnormalities

I'd like to support Pasteur by saying, Our health is much like playing poker. We may not be able to change the cards we are dealt, but we certainly can play the hand toward our advantage.  Lisa Pomeroy, N.D. my academic mentor says, "Genetics loads the gun, environment (choices) fires it."

Parents     Environment     Ourselves

In observation, I have witnessed that while we search for optimal health, we are in a constant flux of what/who to blame until that no longer works. In some cases, diseases have no one to blame and are justified as the cards that were dealt. In other cases, diseases find blame and are justified as bringing it upon ourselves. Often, the truth lies somewhere in the middle. We have a genetic code inside of us that awaits signals. Which signals are sent and received are the key and can be influenced.

All this finger pointing and blame had me thinking during a recent educational opportunity on the role of heavy metals and disease. I have been pointing the finger and blaming just about everything on "bad bug" overgrowth. I couldn't help but blame what we Functional Medicine Practitioners refer to as Dysbiosis (bug overgrowth) as the central contributor to many dysfunctions today. Everywhere we turn, it's probiotic this, heal your gut that, fermented foods this, cut sugar/alcohol that. What is the reason for this and that? To eradicate the "bad bugs".

But what about the bugs.....aren’t the bugs to blame?

Mr. Pasteur, who favored wine a great deal, did not bullet point "bugs"; instead, he bullet pointed nutrition, toxins, and genetic impression. Interestingly, Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt, a 21st century physician holds the same truth. Excessive accumulation of heavy metals and pollutants contribute to disease. But what about the bugs,....aren't the bugs to blame? No, Dr. Dietrich says, they are only collateral to the toxin overload to our bodies.

Dr. Klinghardt, Director of Sophia Health Institute, illustrates that the bugs in our system are there, in part, to help with detoxification of toxins/pollutants. An example, Candida is a fungus that is necessary for us to survive by helping in the management of mercury exposure. Bugs/Fungi in our body actually consume heavy metals, protecting us (their host) from the harmful effects; even proliferating in population if needed. This arises when we are exposed to bad things from our environment and our choices, which provide an overload of toxins, causing further overgrowth (Dysbiosis). Candida overgrowth has been linked to Interstitial Colitis, Chronic Sinusitis, Crohn's Disease, Eczema, and even Autism. Candida known to be a large contributor to sugar and alcohol craving. Which it uses as food to sustain its life. So maybe, just maybe, it isn't the fungus that is the problem. Is an over exposure to mercury causing the fungal overgrowth? Heavy metals, large amounts of trace minerals, excessive pollutants, and other toxins, are immunosuppressive. This means that those toxins lower our immune system. A suppressed immune system triggers more pathogen overgrowth. Can it now be seen that dysbiosis is a signal of "a" problem, not "the" problem? Which needs further attention, not reaction.

Traditional medicine spends its time trying to treat or eradicate bugs. Plus there is our addiction to being overly clean. However, resistance is occurring and the bugs have found ways to protect themselves and maybe that's actually them trying to protect us from excessive exposure to toxins. Haven't we all have heard about bug resistance? Could it be for the greater good? You know, bugs have survived every destruction this Earth has ever seen and still press on.

Well, look, dysbiosis has serious clinical issues and is even implicated in depression and some personality traits. But why are they seen as "bad bugs"? Bugs die off, releasing those stored toxins. They also have to rid themselves of waste products called endotoxins. These things are very harmful and cause of a lot of disease and internal damage. When there is an overgrowth, large amounts of dead bug stuff and bug poop float around our system. Those things are what hurts us. Not, necessarily, the bugs themselves.

As Dr. Klinghardt suggests, go after the excessive exposure of pollutants/heavy metals and the bug population resolves itself (Detoxification). With Drs. Pasteur's and Klinghardt's wisdom, we can play our poker hand a bit differently making sure the gun isn't fired accidentally.

  • Proper Nutrition
  • Detoxification
  • Genetic Protection

With this knowledge, my finger pointing and blaming is shifting. Yes, ultimate responsibility is on us as individuals, but maybe the bugs are a good thing. Further investigation of why they are there should be the new direction of the finger point. Then managing a healthy population for their wellbeing, so they can manage our well being, should be the protocol. Toxin overload from our environment and our choices are key contributors that affect how our genes behave. What signals they are receiving is critical. These signals also affects how, or if, we use vital nutrients.

Nutrition, Detoxification, and Gene Expression Are the Cause of Disease.

If we point the finger at proper nutrition, treat our genes well and identify harmful contributors, then our immune system has a fighting chance.

Alchemy de Nova has the resources to help you uncover your proper nutritional needs, provides detoxification techniques, and aids in positive genetic expression. Giving your immune system that fighting chance.

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Sean Merrick